Linear Algebra:Foundations to Frontiers - Notes to LAFF With
(with MATLAB - Spring 2017 Edition)

Materials for LAFFing

This is a project that is under construction. Some links in the notes may not work. Please report problems .

The "Notes to LAFF With" (document only):

This document is your "hub". It contains hyperlinks that take you to videos on YouTube or, if you choose, downloaded versions of those videos. Start by downloading this document.

"Right-click" the picture to the right to download. Click it to view the document.

(Please download a copy rather than clicking on this link over and over again.)

Last updated: January 24, 2017

LAFF Notes

The "Notes to LAFF With" (with all activities except videos):

To install the notes with all activities download and unzip it. In directory LAFF-2.0xM you will then find the PDF plus all the extra material (except for the videos).

Note: this particular zip file has the PDF for the notes already included. If you want to upload the zip file to MATLAB Online, you will want to instead use this version:

Last updated: January 24, 2017

The Videos (Optional):

You can watch the videos on YouTube by clicking on "YouTube" in "Notes to LAFF With". However, if you have poor internet connectivity, you may want to instead download videos.

Now, pay attention:

  • First download and unzip and unzip. In directory LAFF-2.0xM you will then find the PDF plus all the extra material (except for the videos).
  • In directory LAFF-2.0xM you will find a subdirectory Videos . Download some or all of the zip files to the right into that directory, and then unzip.
  • If you now click on
    Downloaded image
    in various places in the document LAFF-2.00M.pdf , the appropriate downloaded video will start.

    Please! These are large files and we pay according to the amount of data downloaded from the Amazon S3 account. If you have not yet decided if you will pay for a copy of "Notes to LAFF With", then it would be considerate of you if you did not download the videos and for now watch the YouTube videos instead. Also, downloading multiple copies means we incur multiple charges.

    Notice that "srt" files (which contain timed transcripts) are also in the directories for each of the weeks. We will try to find some instructions on how to attach these to videos.

The Piazza Discussion Board:

Notice: no one seems to use this piazza discussion board. You really should just join the edX course and use the discussion board there.

We have set up a discussion board on Piazza . Here are instructions:

We have now recovered enough that you will likely find us answering question on the forum. Still, we hope that participants will help each other by answering quesitons. Please be courteous. Think of the intended audience of the course when you answer questions (this is an introductory linear algebra course, not a course on differentiation over manifolds...).

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